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Here are some of the comments I've received from clients about how they experienced our sessions and what impact coaching has on their lives.

Autumn Road

Alexandar N. - Bulgaria

I had some childhood traumas and also a fear of height and flight. Just a couple of sessions with Velka, and it is all disappeared, just like that – "click", and it’s all gone. After each session, I was feeling light and charged at the same time – a real and amazing experience. I highly recommend Velka as a coach and look forward to our new session.


Astrid V. -Argentina

Velka has been by my side through a time when I had to make big changes in my life. Her coaching is deep and profound, when I have felt a change in one of her sessions it is for life, I have been transformed. I can see and feel the future is with hope. Velka is an incredible coach, who is going the extra mile for you, with a big heart and great support. She is wonderful. I am grateful to have her in my Life.


Oriol U. - Spain

As individuals living in society, we all certainly feel at some point in need of a break in order to analyse our situation and get some answers. Velka is more than a coach, but someone who has the gift to immediately connect with you and your questions, and truly understands what’s the best approach that will make you find answers to these questions. In a moment of need, do not hesitate to put yourself in her hands and be ready to take yourself to the next level, leaving your obstacles behind.

Fern Plant

Steffi D. - Germany

Inspiring experience
Vision board Workshop

When I went on my first occasion with Velka I had no idea what to expect. I joined a vision board group and had no experience before. When I arrived, I was quite nervous but the moment I entered the tension was gone. Velka took us into such a calm, cozy and welcoming atmosphere that she created. Everything was well prepared and she introduced us to the things we can expect and explained exactly what to do without talking too much. The whole group seemed to feel at home as they opened up after a very short time and Velka supported everyone as much as needed. She gave us breaks to clear our minds and pushed us a little when it was time to focus again. In the end, the whole group was happy with the results, full of energy for the future and with red cheeks from the hard work and excitement. The moment I left, I knew that I will go again.

Diagonal Pattern

Lara M. - The Netherlands

Thank you for your inspiring, insightful, and energizing session! It is amazing the ease that you made me see my situation from a completely new perspective, and suddenly I am ready to dream again!

Blurry Lights

Stefanie - Germany

 I went to Velka several times and tried different methods.I had single appointments to work on personal themes using NLP techniques as well as group sessions. My last group meeting was a Vision board for couples -it was even better, more intense and the results were even more outstanding.Velka used a special NLP technique to introduce the group members to each other which created the right mood immediately. Because of this, it was easy to start and focus on the task. In conclusion, I can absolutely recommend Velka as a coach. She is warm-hearted, empathic, very sensitive, goal-oriented, and professional.

Herb Plants

Viktoria - Hungary

 After living 20 years with and after a traumatic divorce process from a black belted covert narcissist - with an additional dan of passive aggression - Velka is helping me to stand up from the floor. She understands me from half words and immediately reacts in a way that makes me really feel that I am not alone. She taught me that there is always a thing that I can do: I am not able to change the circumstances, but I can change myself. Velka is giving me tools in my hands to believe that I can get my sovereignty and reality back despite that I am not able to get rid of an abusive and toxic relationship - because of 3 common kids. I wish I had had her in my life as a coach much earlier! I will never forget what she told me once: her higher intention is to give hope to people – and she is giving it to me – even much more.

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