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"What If" UP! Game

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Do you ever worry about something happening in the future? We all do. The favorite question of the mind in these moments is, "What if?”.But for most of us, that question is asked in a negative or down way. We ask, "What if this doesn't work out?"; "What if I lose my job?"; "What if I'm wrong?" or "What if I get sick?”. That negative seeking question doesn't feel right and leads to attracting the fears it focuses on.

Author Joe Vitale explains how you can use this typical “What if?" question in a different way -to open your mind to greater possibilities. Using this technique, you can begin rewiring your brain to be more positive. When you're more positive, you attract and notice more opportunities around you. It's a proven method that can help you create a better life for yourself.

What If Up game

It is life-changing!

You can try it when you catch yourself thinking negatively about something in the near future. Acknowledge it and then replace the end of the question with a positive one in a playful way.

You might ask, "What if this works out beautifully?" or "What if there was never a problem in the first place?" or "What if I get a raise?" or "What if my idea makes me a millionaire?"

This single adjustment in asking a question transforms you, your energy, and the very answers you get.

The idea is to look for new possibilities by letting your mind be free. When you do this, you feel fantastic. You also send this new energy into the Universe as an order or request.

You can play this game with your family, your kids, or friends. It's very uplifting and even addictive in a positive way.

Let's say you start first: you have to state your goal or problem. You're not allowed to explain it or tell your story around it. It's not needed. You simply say your wish and let the magic begin.

For example, you express your desire for your new book to be a hit, and then it is the turn of each participant to add a "What if UP" statement.

Someone might say, "What if it is the number one bestseller in all categories?"

Someone else might add, "What if it is the number one bestseller of this century?"

Another, "What if it is the number one bestselling book in all of history!?"

And observe how you feel- how big your smile will be and how optimistic the future will look like.

Then it is the turn to the next person, etc.

I promise this is one of the games that always end with lots of laughs and hope in the hearts!

The exercise isn't to create a to-do list. You don't make notes or how-tos or to-dos.

The point is to raise your energy, get into the feeling of what you want, and let that experience attract the end-result to you. You still take action, of course, but it's inspired action. It comes from that place within you that feels great and naturally unfolds. You don't have to make yourself do it; you want to do it.

A beautiful side benefit of doing the "what if up" exercise a few times - changes your thinking.

Suddenly you start asking what if up questions in your head rather than what if down questions.

What if this game is the coolest thing you tried?

What if this becomes it becomes your favorite game?

What if it changed your life for the better instantly?

What if.....?

Credits: Joe Vitale

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