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Vision board from the comfort of your home

Let's use the quiet time after the lockdown to breath and dream again!

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Vision board from the comfort of your home
Vision board from the comfort of your home

Time & Location

01 Aug 2020, 17:00 – 21:00

Online workshop

About the Event

Covid-19 and the lockdown threw us out of the normal flow of life and the natural way of pursuing our dreams.

On the other hand, it allowed us to slow down and connect with ourselves and look at the essential things. It is not a surprise that millions of people chose to sport more, eat healthier, sing, dance, study, reconnect online, and be more present with their families.

 Let's use the quiet time after the lockdown to breathe and dream again!

Your ability to fill great and dream is not linked to your environment!

I know that might sound like an odd idea given everything that's going on in the world, but here is ONE factor you should consider:

Have you ever felt low or sad while on the exterior you are in pleasant surroundings? You were on a dream vacation and still felt the pressure of work.

Just because the environment is excellent doesn't mean you're happy, and the opposite is true as well. You can thrive even if you do not have the best conditions.

Let's see the light after the tunnel, fill our hearts with love and hope for our own and our planet's future!

Vision board is a fun, energetic, and creative way of focusing on yourself, setting your intentions, visualizing your goals, and manifesting your dreams, while staying true to your values and integrity. In creating how you want to feel and all you want to achieve using images, quotes, and words that evoke positive feelings and sensations towards you realizing all your dreams, and displaying these images that represent whatever you want to have, be, do or feel in life on your very own vision board. You set the scene for your future and create a place you can focus your attention on, manifesting your most significant and deepest desires every single day.

We become what we think, and what we focus our attention on becomes our reality because your energy flows where your attention goes.

Our workshop will run from 12:30 to 18:30. We will have 3- 15 minutes pauses.

Please prepare:

- a photo of yourself;

- images or quotes you already have and may want to include;

- Three magazines that are according to your interests and passions

- scissors

- glue

- big carton

If you are curious about the price or other details, it is easy to contact me. Click the button below.

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