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Velka Olgers- Nedialkova

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My name is Velka Olgers and I am a transformational life coach. My first introduction to life coaching was back in 2001. I took part in a life-coaching and trainer education part of my Master of Social Psychology. I remember so vividly that I felt like I had wings, so grateful and inspired by, at that time, new edge knowledge - like there were no limitations of possibilities and dreams. I started to incorporate the latest insights in my work, first as a young teacher, then in my role as a Human Resource specialist in an IT company, later as an entrepreneur in an investment company in Bulgaria, and last but not least, in my role as mother and wife.

Even as a young girl, I always knew I wanted to teach and inspire people to make a difference. So I did it in every moment and every way I could.

A few years ago, I decided that is time to build on this purpose and focus on what I do best. I started coaching people and continued to study to gain new insights and master different and more impactful methods. 

Today I am a certified and active member of the International Trainers Academy of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Global DISC™ Licensed Partner, an Accredited Life Coach, and skilled in using Timeline, hypnosis, and all the other powerful life-changing NLP techniques. I am proud to say I have a diverse group of clients from all over the world from very different backgrounds.

My mission is to bring out the best in you, helping you flourish as the most authentic version of yourself possible. That is my primary role in being your coach.


My style of coaching is a perfect match for you if:

  • you are dealing with old traumas, and they disable you from moving forward with ease

  • you want to achieve things with an effortless-effort

  • you feel stuck and need guidance to move in the right direction

  • you are struggling to find your passions and purpose in life

  • you want to have more meaningful and lasting relations

  • you often feel anxious or depressed

  • you feel overwhelmed or stressed

I know you are curious to learn how I can help YOU, so I welcome you to reach out for a free 30-minute introduction.

The real question is not if you will get to your dreams, but if you will enjoy yourself along the way.

Jefri Allen

Wandering Traveler
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